2016 Clutter Manifesto

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Well, it seems that in my usual last minute fashion, I am FINALLY getting around to getting this website updated – with lots of help from Nicole who IS, unlike me, computer literate.  For now, we have added my 2016 NATURE WALL CALENDAR, which is for sale for $14.00, including mailing costs.

This morning, while writing morning pages, I got STUCK, and pulled a book off the shelf next to me.  I don’t believe in accidents – the book was Marry Your Muse, by Jan Phillips, one of her earlier books (and my favorite). I was led to this quote:

On some level, we are all creators whether we intend to be or not. We constantly create environments which others enter, either to be nourished or negated. We create waves of energy what wash over our children, our coworkers, our lovers—waves that can lull and comfort or lash and damage.  We create what our days and nights look like, what work we do, what beauty surrounds us.  On a daily basis, we create the attitude we bring to life and choose whether the door to our heart is open or closed”.

                        ~  Jan Phillips, Marry Your Muse, p. 171

This quote MOBLIZED me to finish my morning pages, which became a dialogue with myself about what kind of environment I am creating. It became an impetus for me to keep going with my ongoing “de-clutter” project, one of the best things I could ever do for my own mental health and peace of mind.  This project is helping me make my physical environment better, but even more crucial is that it is eliminating quite a bit of the frazzled edges in my internal “environment’.

I know I am not the only person who missed out on the “neat & orderly” genes, nor am I the only one who needs to do a “stuff purge”.  I hope my musings here may be helpful to fellow “clutterers”.

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