Sailing On Spirit Wind

Midlife Reflections

Sailing on Spirit Wind captures the highlights of one woman’s journey through mid-life.  It is about resilience and healing: fitting the pieces of the past together in a way that illuminates the present.  Judith’s poems and essays celebrate a lifelong connection with nature and her evolving spiritual awareness.

Judith’s words are tender, powerful, earth-bound and spirit-filled.  They are a mirror to our common soul, a flickering fire against the chill.  More than a joy to read, Sailing on Spirit Wind is a revelation, a rite of passage, a balm for our brokenness.  Judith takes us all on her journey toward the light and her words are food and water for the pilgrim’s soul.  This book is a gift you will want to keep on giving!

Jan Phillips, author of Marry Your Muse –
Making a Lasting Commitment to Your Creativity

 Judith Prest is one of the most gifted writers I know, a vibrant woman of words.  Her poetry paints pictures, echoes ancient stories, makes us taste phrases.  Sailing on Spirit Wind is a feast for its readers – her first book, but certainly not her last!

Marilyn Day, Editor of WomanWords,
Regional Representative for IWWG and
founder of WomanWords Writing Group

Judith Prest clearly has a poet’s voice and vision.  Whether looking back at a loss or ahead to the millennium, her crisp images avoid sentimentality and cut right to the bone of the experience.  Her metaphors are fresh – stars are “God’s breath / condensing / in deep space” – and her tone and rhythms are right on target.  In short, her work is strong, vibrant, and organic – growing from seeds of the human condition. 

Carol F. Peck,
University of Maryland University College;

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