Spirit Wind Art Center now offers Creativity Coaching!

I have opened a private practice in individual creativity coaching. These sessions are 90 minutes, here at Spirit Wind Studio and are tailored to YOUR creative needs! I operate on a sliding scale fee basis.

  • CREATIVE WRITING: Trying to get going with personal writing? Poetry? Memoir???  That novel you have in the drawer??? Can’t seem to get your “writing engine” to turn over??? – Jumpstart your writing with me!!!
  • EXPRESSIVE ARTS: Want to follow your creative urges, but keep blocking yourself at every turn???  Come play with words, movement and art supplies and experiment in a safe, encouraging studio environment!!
  • CREATIVITY and HEALING: I have found my creativity to be a tremendous ally in my own healing process. I am committed to working with others who are looking to connect with their own creative spirit for healing, empowerment and inner guidance. I can provide witness, deep listening and safe space for you to take the first steps, or continue on your personal creative healing journey.

Give me a call, 518-895-8001, or e-mail me, jeprest [at] aol [dot] com,  for a free consultation to see if any of these services might support your journey.  Check out Spirit Wind Studio on Facebook .